Learning Review

On Monday 16th January, various senior colleagues and Principals from the Trust’s local schools came to Liskeard Hillfort Primary School. During the day, the visiting staff had access to school self-evaluation documentation, classrooms and children’s books. During the morning session, a learning walk was undertaken and assessment records were moderated with a sample of children’s books in each class.

The findings of the assessment work sampling showed that assessments appeared accurately pitched in the great majority of cases.

During the afternoon, a further learning walk was undertaken and children carried out a review of the school environments and general attitudes to learning. The children reported their findings directly to myself. The children who undertook this role had a very mature and sensible approach to this task.

After the learning walks, a discussion took place, the resulting conversations led to the identification of trends and patterns of teaching and learning practice that were evident across the school.

Some of the key strengths identified were that:

  • The success criteria for children were clearly differentiated in books
  • Behaviour expectations were good across the school
  • Children were consistently polite and well-mannered around the school towards both adults and other pupils
  • Children were clearly progressing over time. This was seen in the clear progression seen in children’s books through editing and up-levelling.

To improve further, over the coming weeks, we will be working to ensure that homework is set consistently and that children have the chance to self-assess regularly too.

Overall, the day was a real success and a testament to the very long hours that the teaching team put in. We will keep working to keep on that improvement cycle!