Curriculum Overview

Our Early Years Curriculum

Our curriculum in Early Years is very much built around the children’s interests. We build our learning around our observations of the children in their play and information given to us by our parents about the things their children are interested in at home or places they have been to and things that they have done. The children help us to plan for their own learning and no year is ever quite the same! Click here to view what we’re learning this term. The video below is of some of our children practising their sounds – you may wish to practise these sounds at home with your children.

KS1 & KS2 Imaginative Learning Projects / Curriculum Themes





Spring Term 1 themes across Hillfort in 2019

EYFS – Favorite Stories

Year 1 – Superheros

Year 2 – Wolves

Year 3 – Ancient Egyptians

Year 4 – Romans

Year 5 – Space Invaders

Year 6 – Mysteries uncovered

Our Broad and Balanced Curriculum

The real substance of education:

The curriculum is of integral importance: it is through our curriculum that we decide what, of all the “vast accumulated wealth of human knowledge…we choose to pass on to the next generation through teaching in our schools” (Spielman, HMCI commentary, 2018).  That is to say, if we are not clear about WHAT we are teaching, we may well not prepare our children as effectively as we can for their lives in modern Britain.

And it means that children’s time and valuable learning opportunities will probably be wasted, as coverage may not be ensured and the progression of skills is likely to be hampered.    The curriculum should be at the heart of our educational philosophy.

Our curriculum:

Our curriculum is what Ofsted describe as a “knowledge-engaged” curriculum.  It is broad and balanced in terms of the range of subjects, but it is more than just covering topics for the sake of it.

The curriculum leader should map the curriculum by considering what important skills should be developed.  Then, they identify the knowledge that is appropriate to that year group.  This is then delivered, before the application of the skill.

Cross-curricular teaching might be a feature of our approach (e.g. our STEM exercise books).

In our approach, skills and knowledge are intertwined.

Essential ingredients:

  • All units of learning must start with an Amazing Opening, a ‘hook’. This should be more than an opportunity to dress up – it is an opportunity to instil knowledge in children, and get them asking questions that will drive the learning for the coming weeks.
  • The daily curriculum must have a real purpose. What are the important aspects of knowledge and the key skills that you wish to achieve?
  • Progression must be mapped over the years so that learners arrive at the end of Year 6 ready to access secondary education effectively;
  • Our local Cornish roots must be acknowledged and celebrated, as well as embracing citizenship of modern Britain and the wider world;
  • All units must finish with a Fantastic Finish. Throughout the year, there must be a real audience on at least three occasions: a performance, an exhibition and a publication.


Adventure Learning

We emphasise adventurous, adventurous learning here at schools These documents highlight the topics and skills that children will learn over their time at Liskeard Hillfort.

Spring 2017 >

Projected 2017 – 2018 >

Project 2018 – 2019 >

Gold partnerships with The Plymouth Centre for Faith and Cultural Diversity

We passionately believe in offering children a broad and well balanced education.  Therefore, we are ‘Gold’ partners with The Plymouth Centre for Faith and Cultural Diversity.  For more information, please click on the here.

Amazing Opening, Fantastic Finishes and Residential Experiences


We want our children to remember what they have learnt! We believe that the best way to do this is to engage children through ‘hooking’ them in with memorable moments.

So, when the children come back from the holiday, they can be assured that something exciting is about to happen…

Amazing Openings:

We love to captivate children in awe and wonder. This year, we have started our topics with Year 4 participating in live falconry, Year 6 welcoming a gorgeous stallion in preparation for reading ‘War Horse’ whilst Reception children have played detective as the whole classroom became a crime scene!

Every time we start a new unit, we do so with passion and excitement.

Fantastic Finishes:

Naturally, if we have started in an exciting way, we have to finish off on a bang! Many of our topics finish on education visits such as our Year 2 trip to the Plymouth Aquarium and our Year 3 trip to Looe as part of an environmental project. Elsewhere, our Dancers have performed at The Hall for Cornwall, our Year 1s have played Tigger at ‘Bounce’ at Bodmin and our Reception children have explored the local building site! Our teachers take great effort to plan moments that children will remember in fifty years!

Residential Experiences:

As an integral element of our provision in an adventurous academy, we run a series of residential experiences. These progress through the years in challenge to keep children inspired.

For 2018-19 we have some more exciting destinations in mind. We will update this page shortly and let the parents know when we have finalised the details.

Combined together, we believe that there are incredible and memorable moments here that won’t ever be forgotten!