Administering of Medicine Form

  • We are only allowed to administer medicine which has been prescribed by a doctor. This includes paracetamol, sore throat sweets and cough medicine
  • Please do not allow your child to keep medicine in their school bag
  • Parents must complete the above form and hand this together with the medicine to the school office where it will be stored safely and securely
  • The child will be supervised by a member of staff whilst they take their medication
  • The school does not take any responsibility for any missed medication or reaction to the correct dosage as this is a service that the school is not obliged to undertake and is therefore offered on a voluntary basis

Parental Consent Form

  • We seek parental consent at the beginning of the academic year for a range of activities such as individuals having their photographs taken for the website, changes in medical history, endorsement of the home/school agreement, use of internet etc.
  • The above form is sent to parents for completion and we understand that there are occasionally reasons why parents would prefer that their children did not have their photograph taken for reasons of their safety and we will always respect the parents right to refuse consent

After School Arrangements Permission Form

  • At the beginning of the academic year we ask parents to complete information about who is permitted to collect their child at the end of the school day
  • If a parent requires someone who is not on the list to collect their child, the parent should inform the school either in person or by telephone by 2.30pm that day
  • If you would like to make changes to the form, please complete a new one and hand it to the school office