If you have a safeguarding concern or wish to get in contact with the school’s Designated Safeguarding Lead, please either:

  • Contact the school in the usual way in office/term time hours
  • Contact the Designated Safeguard Lead through our safeguarding email address (  This email address is manned outside of working hours and through school holidays.

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Together, we can tackle child abuse

In March 2016, the Department for Education launched a nationwide campaign, ‘Together, we can tackle child abuse’, to encourage members of the public to report child abuse. The campaign aims to encourage the public to report their concerns in order to get help to children more quickly. They aim to create a new social norm around reporting and tackle the barriers that stop people taking action. The campaign highlights one single weblink to access all local authority’s reporting webpage or phone number:

Educate Against Hate

As children grow and become more independent, it is not unusual for them to take risks, explore new things and push boundaries. Teenage years are often a time when young people will be searching for answers to questions about identity, faith and belonging, as well as looking for adventure and excitement.

This can mean that they are particularly vulnerable to extremist groups, who may claim to offer answers, as well as identity and a strong social network. And because they know young people are vulnerable, extremist groups often target them using the internet and social media to spread their ideology. There have been a number of tragic examples where young people have been misled by extremist groups, with some travelling to Syria and others becoming involved in hate crimes against minority groups.

Educate Against Hate provides practical advice and support to help all individuals with an interest in keeping children safe from the dangers of extremism. The site has been created by the Department for Education and the Home Office, and is fully endorsed by the groups listed below.

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Child Protection and Safeguarding

Please click on the link to find out more information regarding child protection and safeguarding.

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