Sport plays an important role in every child’s education. We believe that how schools introduce and promote sport affects not only children’s development of a healthy lifestyle, but their attitudes towards sport and exercise in the future.

We have a wide variety of both competitive and non-competitive sports and we encourage all children to take part so they increase their physical exercise beyond the Government’s two hours a week guideline.

We take part in many competitions including: netball, football (girls and boys), cricket, hockey, tag rugby, cross country and athletics. We travel all over the county competing against other schools, which is a great experience for all the children involved.

We have been very successful in many of the competitions we have entered, winning various leagues and cup competitions. Our main aim however, is to promote children’s enjoyment and attitude towards sport.

We have excellent links with the local secondary school, where many of our children attend various ‘fun festivals’. Local sports clubs visit the school to teach the children the importance of a healthy lifestyle and they also help to identify any gifted and talented pupils. We love it when parents get involved in all areas of the school – especially sport. Please contact us if you would like to get involved.